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Casa del Mar, Langkawi

Set on the pristine Pantai Cenang beach, Casa del Mar - meaning 'Home by the Sea' in Spanish - is a mediterranean-style resort just 10 minutes from Langkawi airport. A few minutes walk from the resort are a multitude of restaurants, night spots, shopping outlets and night market.

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Casa del Mar, Langkawi


Langkawi's beaches are what draw thousands of visitors to Langkawi every year. They are renowned for their bright white colour and fine softness. They are mostly clean, safe and beaches accessible to the public.

The waters around Langkawi can be slightly cloudy due to the sand base and shallow waters but are warm and relatively safe. There are only mild currents, though generally no surfing in the area and only small numbers of unpleasant sea creatures. However there are some things to be aware of for your safety and the conservation of the natural environment:

  • We do not recommend picking up and removing shells from the beach. Without these shells we will not have a beach and hermit crabs will not have homes.
  • Depending on the time of year and prevailing tides, sometimes jellyfish swim close to shore. This period is generally from January to March and it is believed that these are not life threatening but you may receive a painful sting. For protection in these periods, we recommend you to use jellyfish protective suits or stay away from beach activities if you are allergic to it sting.
  • On some islands coral reefs are forming and it is recommended that you avoid standing on the coral as it can give you a nasty cut. Avoid sea urchins (black spiky creatures) as they have a painful sting.
  • Be aware of tides and currents and keep an eye on your distance from the beach at all times.

Private or Chartered Boat Cruising and Island Hopping

One of the beauty of Langkawi is best experienced by boat. Qualified operators offers sea activities such as Day Cruise, Island Hoping or Sunset Cruise with dinner onboard through the islands of Langkawi with a touch of class. Most intinerary includes cruising through some of the 99 islands of Langkawi viewing the dramatic limestone cliffs, choose to stop at the lake of the pregnant maiden and to learn about this mysterious legend, drop anchor in a tranquil bay where you can swim, try your hand on fishing or lay back and relax under the sun.

You must try at least once of these 4 to 5 hours adventures. Just ask our Reception crews for more information and reservation. Further option offers by Casa del Mar Langkawi.


Jetski, Para-sailing and Banana boat at Pantai Cenang

Along Pantai Cenang, there  are lot of operators offering these activities at nominal fees and please pay attention on their briefing before you ride or play. Beware of other swimmers in this area. Importantly, please check that the operator is licensed with appropriate insurance cover.


We have a 16ft and a 13ft Hobbie Cat available for hire. It is advisable that you must have at least basic knowledge of handling this cat. Safety jacket is provided. Please check with our Reception on reservation and T&C condition apply before you could sail this cat. This is weather dependant and normally suitable for under 15 knot wind conditions. Subject to availability. 

Sea Kayaks

We have two tandem canoes fitted with comfortable seatbacks and watertight compartments in which we can pack you a picnic to be enjoyed on a nearby island.

Palau Payar Snorkelling and Scuba Diving

East Marine offers guided, full‐day snorkelling and diving trips to Palau Payar Marine Park. Each trip starts with a hotel transfer to the jetty where you will board a boat for the one‐hour trip to Payar Island. Lunch is included in the package. It should be pointed out that Palau Payar is used by visitors from both Langkawi and Penang and generally it is better to go mid week. Because of this, the area used for snorkeling can sometimes get crowded. The visibility can also vary and so it may be worthwhile inquiring at the time of booking. 

Natural Highlights

Whilst many of our guests come to relax on the beach to work on their tan, Langkawi's natural beauty and amazing flora and fauna are the major draw cards and therefore important assets to the region. Guests are welcomed to the area to experience its beauty but are encouraged to assist in maintaining the land through sustainable tourism.

Langkawi has been awarded UNESCO Geopark status for its beautiful geo‐heritage features dating back 500 million years. Our island is blessed with amazing flora and fauna, below are some points that you may find interesting.

  • Langkawi has 242 species of birds and 354 recorded species of butterfly
  • While certain studies of lowland tropical rainforest in Malaysia have revealed many tree species, the forests of Langkawi are not as species rich but they also contain large numbers of species.
  • Langkawi is home to an unusual flying mammal called a colugo or flying lemur. The island is also the habitat of squirrels, dusky‐leaf monkey and long‐tailed macaque.
  • In terms of marine life, over the course of the year, three whale species visit the island, along with the whale shark which is found year round, four species of dolphins and sea otters can also be spotted.
  • The monitor lizard also calls Langkawi home, and it can grow up to 2.3m long which is a similar lengths as the Komodo dragon.
  • The mangroves are simply beautiful and we highly recommend that you take the opportunity to explore them. If you are feeling up to a little exercise, definitely consider the sea kayak through the mangroves.
  • The Langkawi Cable Car is a, deservedly, award winning and popular tourist attraction. It has the longest single span and is the steepest in the world.


The Mangrove Tours

Besides the ‘blue’ part of Langkawi there is an amazing green part as well and for this part we are working together with Dev’s Adventure Tours, a small eco-friendly company, already for many years. Set in a craggy, almost magical setting of limestone outcroppings that risesharply out of the calm Andaman Sea, Langkawi's mangrove forest is really an intricate network of streams and hidden coves that are home to hundreds of endemic jungle species of wildlife. See a variety of birds, butterflies, mangrove monitor lizards, an array of marine life, caves with bats and so much more. This is nature at its purest and best. Definitely one of Langkawi's gems!

Mangrove Kayak Adventure

Kayaks being more maneuverable and narrower can go where noisier outboards cannot. With less noise there is more chance of seeing more of the wilderness. Tours start mainly from the Kilim River jetty but also operate in other areas.

These highly recommended guided tours take you through the ecologically important mangroves of Langkawi. As above this tour is teeming with life see birds, butterflies, and monitor lizards. The whole archipelago of Langkawi still has 60-65% rainforest left and is home to many birds and small mammals. One of the highlights in the nature field is without doubt the mangroves, located in the north eastern part of Langkawi and part of Geopark Langkawi. It is an area of 44 km2

Set in a craggy, almost magical setting of limestone outcroppings that risesharply out of the calm Andaman Sea, Langkawi's mangrove forest is really an intricate network of streams and hidden coves that are home to hundreds of endemic jungle species of wildlife. See a variety of birds, butterflies, mangrove monitor lizards, monkeys, squirrels an array of marine life, caveswith bats and so much more. This is nature at its purest and best. Definitely one of Langkawi's gems!

Mangrove Boat Trips

These highly recommended guided tours take you through the ecologically important mangroves of Langkawi. As above this tour is teeming with life see birds, butterflies, monitor lizards, eagles and kites and many other bird species, mudskippers and sometimes even otters and dolphins.
Evening Jungle Walk

Another highlight is the rainforest, especially at the end of the day. After sunset the nocturnal animals are getting active and Langkawi is one of the easiest places to spot flying lemurs and flying squirrels. Every Thursday an evening walk of 90 minutes is organised for only Casa del Mar guests, where you will get an introduction to the mysteries of the rainforest and where you will be able to see the flying lemurs (100% chance) and one of the flying squirrels (red giant and/or pygmy – 80% chance). This walk is suitable for everybody and is done on paved roads.
Bird Watching

Great Hornbills are resident to the island and you might be able to spot them on one of the mountain ranges on the island with the highest chances early morning and late afternoon. Bird watching can be very rewarding, especially during the dry season with many migratory birds making a stop on Langkawi.

Untold stories of Langkawi

Malaysia is a mix of culture, religion and food and in a trip of 5-6 hours you will learn a lot about Langkawi’s architecture, colonial history, food, various religions and legends;
Cycling tour

Cycling through the paddy fields, bird watching on the mountain, paddling with your kayak through the small junglerivers, walking through the rainforest or just relaxing on a boat through the mangroves: Dev’s Adventure Tours is highly recommended to take you out on any of these trips; their guides are passionate and able to show you the natural beauty of Langkawi with their many interesting stories. 

Golfing in Langkawi

99 Degrees East Golf Course
99 East is Langkawi Island's first integrated residential and resort development. Located just 10 minutes from the island's international airport, 99 East offers a complete island lifestyle, with sustainable ecological ethics. Located at Bukit Malut on sea-fronting land half way between Pantai Cenang and Kuah town, 99 East features the 99 East Residences, a selection of luxurious low-density villas, in addition to a world-class championship golf course, the 99 East Golf Club. When completed, the development will also feature boutique hotels, chic eateries and easy access to everything Langkawi has to offer. The first nine holes are playable already and the following 9 holes by mid 2012.

Els Datai Golf Course
In a continuous promise to offer a distinctively superior golfing experience, the current Datai Bay Golf course is closed for the commencement of a massive upgrading work effective 1st November 2011 as it paves the way to the new Ernie Els designed course which is scheduled to open in the second quarter of 2013.

Langkawi Cable Car

Panorama Langkawi Cable Car covers a total distance of 2.2km linking the base station at the foothill of Machincang to the top station where commanding views of Langkawi, the southern islands, 7 wells waterfalls and telaga harbour are possible. It is truly a feat of engineering and well worth a visit, tough maybe if you are not particularly keen on heights.

Also featured is a sky bridge which is approximately 200 meter from the top station. The view from the bridge is simply amazing and the valley below is said never to be walk by humans.





Langkawi Canopy Adventure

Jorgen Zimmerman, apart from being a hypnotist who can help you give up smoking and an Iron man participant and trainer, is another of the islands' passionate environmentalists who also runs a number of adventure and eco tours. The Canopy Adventure is based upon the concept used in the film “Medicine Man”. Essentially you will go through sections of the islands rain forest on wires approximately 30 feet off the ground in the tree canopy itself, finishing off with a flying fox run. It is exhilarating and requires a moderate level of fitness and a sense of adventure.


Self Drive

Driving around the island of Langkawi at your own pace is definitely the way to go for those that dislike being herded around by tour operators. Cars can be hired through our Resort and it is reputable and licensed operators. You might find that down the road, thre are private or unlicensed operators which offers significantly less price. However, we strongly do not recommend in the event of unfortunate incident happened. 

So you have hired a car, what to do?
Enjoy the island under your own steam. Generally, roads are in good condition and are well sign posted. Just a hint 'BERHENTI' means STOP! Drive safe and beware of animals crossing the roads!

Ask Guest Services for a map and then a good day out is;

  • The Cable Car and Oriental Village
  • Telaga Tujuh - Seven Wells
  • Coffee at The Datai overlooking Datai Bay
  • Check out the Ibrahim Hussein Gallery
  • Tanjung Rhu Beach for some sunbathing
  • Long Lunch at Four Seasons
  • Durian Perangin Waterfall
  • Gunung Raya Mountain in the afternoon to hopefully see some Dusky Leaf Monkeys.
  • Back to your Home by the Sea

Horse Riding

Island Horses run a stable of well kept horses for treks into the jungle and along the beach at the foot trails of Mount Mat Cincang, near the cable car. The rides cater for all levels of experience from non riders to Olympic Games' participants.

There are various rided available with beach rise, rainforest though all offer quite spectacular scenery with professional riding guides.


Langkawi is a duty free port meaning that all goods purchased in Langkawi are tax free. While the Island is not a shopping Mecca by any means, there is some very good bargains to be found and unique pieces of home wares, jewellery, art, crystal & glass as well as very good value electrical items such as cameras. There are interesting night markets every evening in different locations throughout the island where you can check out the local cultures, smells and tastes.

Other activities

Langkawi offers a diverse are:

  • Jungle Treks & Night Walks
  • Malaysian Cooking classes
  • Night Market Tours
  • Fishing w. Mr. Zaini at Nature Marine Eco-Tours
  • Langkawi Bird & Wildlife Park
  • Langkawi Tropical Fruit Farm Tour
  • Langkawi Rice Museum
  • Underwater World
  • Atma Alam Batik Art Village
  • Langkawi Craft Center
  • Cycling Tours
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Water sports
  • Yoga with Dorothy Ang
  • MORAC Go-Karting

Disclaimer: Information displayed may varied or changed. Please contact us for any further inquiry.

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