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Picture - Relax under the swaying trees at Casa del Mar -- Your home by the sea
Dear Friends,

Yet another year has passed and we intend to wave 2013 off with a smile. The family in Casa del Mar, Langkawi is proud of our happy journey so far. Since our opening in July 2001, we have seen much growth and improvements around the property, made such great friends and some imperative operative changes for the development of this beautiful Home by the Sea. Still, we continue on and write the story for another year and hopefully more years to come.
Yours truly,
Tom Blachere
General Manager
Beach Comfort

Your beach comfort is our upmost priority. In our continuous effort to serve you better, we have improved our hotel facilities. Your Home by the Sea is now decked with new sunbed’s mattresses.

We also cover these mattresses at night or during raining days to keep them as dry as possible. We have also ordered for new and bigger umbrellas. Now, you can have more shades and less sunburn when basking in our glorious sunny weather.

Room Improvements

Our Sea View rooms, Junior and Deluxe Suites are now equipped with brand new sliding doors and windows with soundproofing, thermal isolation and better handling.

Also in Junior and Deluxe suite categories, new decorations and more furniture will be included to make your stay more homely.

Last but not least, all our rooms will have coffee machines to replace traditional coffee plunger. We hope to receive them before end of 2013. Fingers crossed!

Travel Tips

Good News! Now you can fly to Langkawi via new low cost airline, Malindo Air. This new airline is based in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Domestic Terminal rather than Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in which AirAsia operates.

This is much more convenient because most of flights stop in KLIA and it will be easier for flight transfers. It is also very convenient to get to KLIA directly from the city via KLIA Express, which is only 26 minutes away. More...

Food for Thought

Chef Zainal and his team has concocted a new set of menu to vary the existing a-la carte menu. You are offered the choice of self-cooking BBQ on the beach (if weather permits), cocktail pairing dinner and seafood platter.

Morning breakfast received a lots of attention this year, so one of the new highlight introduced is healthy freshly squeezed juices corner to begin the day with a refill of vitamins!

Picture Credit - Malaysian Association of Hotels


Your home by the sea has launched $KIDS, a fundraising initiative in association with The Charity Club Langkawi, an official NGO which Casa del Mar has provided support for years. We are fortunate to live in this incredible natural beauty of the island but we are surprised to learn of the abject poverty in which many families live on in this island.

We think the best way to break poverty cycle is to ensure that under-privileged kids can go to school. Upon check out, you can top up your hotel bill with USD 1 (or more if you wish). This will make your visit more meaningful. The funds will be donated to The Charity Club Langkawi to help and assist the needy children and families in Langkawi. Should you choose to go a step further and adopt a school child, you will be pleased to know that no cash is given - fees, lunches, transport costs are paid to the school/operators and uniforms are on a voucher basis for primary and secondary school children. School attendance is monitored on a regular basis. Poor attendance can result in cancellation of lunch payments (if applicable) and non-sponsorship for future years. Updates are provided to the sponsors from time to time. All funds received are allocated for the chosen child.

The Charity Club Langkawi mission goes beyond giving support to underprivileged families for their kids to go to school by also providing basic shelter and hygiene, delivering regular food parcels, supporting family living costs, collecting/ distributing basic home necessities and offering practical and financial help in times of severe needs. Thanks to your donations, Casa del Mar has just handed over a cheque of RM3, 500! More...

Hello 2014

Well that sums up our 2013 and the story will surely continue. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our guests, family and friends for being part of our journey.

Your encouragement and support to Casa del Mar is what the team thrive for and motivated all of us to do better. Here’s a toast, wishing one and all a joyous Christmas and wonderful New Year ahead. Thank you for being part of our stories and the journey certainly does not end here. See you in 2014!

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