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Casa del Mar, Langkawi

Set on the pristine Pantai Cenang beach, Casa del Mar - meaning 'Home by the Sea' in Spanish - is a mediterranean-style resort just 10 minutes from Langkawi airport. A few minutes walk from the resort are a multitude of restaurants, night spots, shopping outlets and night market.

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Casa del Mar, Langkawi

Rajes's delicious ginger tea

Rajes, our spa manager shares her delicious Ginger Tea recipe.
Benefits of Ginger Tea: 

  • It is an ideal remedy to combats stomach discomfort and assist in indigestion.
  • Natural treatment for cold and flu.
  • Impedes in motion sickness including dizziness, nausea, vomiting. Herbal tea will sooth nerves and prevent vomiting 
  • When applied externally it helps in reducing arthritis pain and headache

Tea ingredients

  • 1 cup of   freshly extracted ginger juice
  • 1 cup of Honey and 
  • ½ cup freshly extracted lemon juice


1)Place all the ingredients in a pot and cook at low fire until it thickens (in the form of syrup). It usually takes about one hour.
2) Let it cool and bottle it. 
3) To make a cup of tea, put 1 teaspoon of syrup and add hot water. Serve it immediately.
4) To make a cool tea add 2 teaspoon of syrup into a tall glass, add water and ice cubes.  You can also add a slide of lemon (optional) .

Note: The syrup can be refrigerated for about six months.