Massage By Satkara

All Massage treatments begin with a sweet orange oil foot ritual to wash away your
worries and prepare you for pure relaxation.

Choose from one of our signature aromatic massage on blends, crafted from pure European and Malaysian plant essences.

Satkara Signature Massage

90 MINS: 10-3PM – 192RM / 3-7PM – 209RM
Derived from traditional massage techniques from around the globe, this dynamic fusion of Shiatsu, Lomi Lomi, Swedish, Thai and Balinese techniques employs medium pressure and stretching to loosen tight muscles and re-energize the body.

Traditional Malay Massage

60 MINS: 10-3PM – 159RM / 3-7PM – 176RM
90 MINS: 10-3PM – 192RM / 3-7PM – 209RM
A treatment based on age-old Malaysian massage techniques, designed to harmonize body mind and spirit. Combining long strokes, kneading and pressure point techniques this massage assists you to wind down and release built up tension.

Aromatherapy Massage

60 MINS: 10-3PM – 159RM / 3-7PM – 176RM
90 MINS: 10-3PM – 192RM / 3-7PM – 209RM
A gently soothing massage featuring long, flowing strokes combined with the benefits of Aromatherapy featuring the use of pure plan essences to ease tension and release stress. A deep relaxation and a profound sense of calmness is achieved.

Warm Stone Massage

60 / 90 MINS: 10-3PM – 168RM / 3-7PM – 185RM
A revitalizing massage treatment utilizing heated volcanic stones to warm, soothe and heal. Oiled stones are massaged across the body and placed on energy points to penetrate deep within. A gentle and effective treatment leaves you in a state of pure bliss.


60 MINS: 10-3PM – 132RM / 3-7PM – 148RM
This ancient technique works on pressure points in the feet that relate to the health and wellbeing of various parts of the body. It will leave you with restored energy and your feet will feel brand new.

Head, Shoulder & Back

30 MINS: 10-3PM – 88RM / 3-7PM – 98RM
Focus and release tension around the shoulder blade, neck & back.

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